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This is a notice of summer vacation. 2022.8.11(Thu)~2022.8.17(Wed) Thank you.
It will be an update for the first time in a long time.
The new coronavirus also entered the seventh wave with the mutant strain becoming BA5.
In Osaka, there was news yesterday that the number of people exceeded 5,000.
It is still a world where we must remain vigilant.
Apollo Medical Instruments plans to open a new online shop on BASE.
Please take another peek.
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We, APOLLO MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD. place ultimate priority on prevention and palliation over treatment.
Preventing diseases or pains before they are developed is important to live in health and well-being.
We offer methods to get along in life reducing anxiety and distress related to the pain and disease.

about us
アポロ医療器は、品質マネジメントシステム【ISO 9001】【ISO 13485】を取得しています

Address of Main Office : 4-1-23, Nishiwaki, Hirano-ku, Osaka.
TEL 06-6797-1619 FAX 06-6797-5370

Apolloshop opened.
It is accessible from the Apollo logo below. Apollo Medical Instruments Instagram has started.

Apollo Medical Instruments Co., Ltd acquires the quality management system, ISO 9001 / ISO 13485.